WTF!? Kim Kardashi-whatever... How, when, where? WTF!?

Now I'll admit I didn't even know this about this bitch, but to find out in any way that the social-lite parasite daughter of the lawyer that got OJ off the hook would be allowed at any party blows my mind, but a fucking fundraiser for OJ's 'If he did it' victims is just way passed acceptable in any way on any planet anywhere... this is the definition of WTF!?
Kim Kardashian and her diseased womb walked the red carpet Saturday night at a benefit for the Nicole Brown Foundation, and I'll trust you to use your own creative profanity here, but if it doesn't sound like "selfish" and "attention" and "whore", you should probably start over. Lets do some quick math: Kim Kardashian is the daughter of Robert Kardashian. Robert Kardashain was the attorney for OJ Simpson, who helped Simpson get away with murder after he came within an inch of chopping off Nicole Browns head.
No wonder Harry Potter is popular, a world of wizardry and magic spells and dark lords seems to be better form than this real world where a porn star wannabe socialite daughter rich from blood money can have the balls big enough to show up to a fundraiser for the victims family... AARRGGHHH I cant write anymore.. Source

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