iPhone, LIVE REVIEW TONIGHT MULTI CAST w/ Red Bar Radio's Mike D

So, Mike D from Red Bar Radio is in line right now to get an iPhone. He's pretty positive hes gonna get one, and he agred to do a LIVE review on the show tonight. So if you wnat to know about the iPhone from a real person who had to wait in line and how they feel about it... tune in tonight!! We start at 8pm PST, we will probably get the review later on in the show... Red Bar Forums link...

And.. now for some iPhone dumbassery... Check out this Fox News reporter in front of the line of people waiting for iPhones at New York’s Apple Store. She starts her interview with Newsweek tech columnist Stephen Levy by joking, “We’re going to need some security around here probably.” Turns out that’s one of the more truthful statements ever uttered on Fox News, although not for the reason she was expecting. Levy is one of only four journalists in the country who was given an early version of the iPhone and he whipped it out of his pocket. People are lined up for blocks to buy the phone. It’s going for over $1,000 on eBay. And Levy’s just dangling it out there–it looks like he doesn’t even have a good grip on it. So what happens? As the two are talking, some guy walks behind them and grabs… the reporter’s microphone! It’s a sad statement about the education system in our country that our youth aren’t even smart enough to figure out what’s best to steal… Thanks to BWE

This reminds me of our current goverment, or at least Fox News

This is what all those emails about laws changing, 'recent studies' about this and that... and the ENTIRE RECYCLING industry is based on. ENJOY!!



UPDATED:Chris Benoit Gives a Fatal "SmackDown"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket World champion wrestler, Chris Benoit was found dead in his Georgia home on June 25th, 2007 along with wife Nancy Daus, and 7 year old son, Daniel. He apparently murdered his wife and son and then proceeded to hang himself, but not before leaving copies of the Bible laying next to his son and wife's bodies. I don't know what the point was for leaving the Bibles, but maybe if he had picked one of them up and read a couple of pages, he would have thought twice about taking the life of a innocent little child! For the full story click on the link: Link to orginal story WOW! So it turns out someone actually posted to Wikipedia an account of what happened to the Benoit's family about 12 HOURS BEFORE the police discovered the bodies. This rings of a HUGE conspiracy... The IP was also traced back to the same town as the WWE Headquaters... just get's weirder and weirder... Read more on the link below... HUGE UPDATE CONSPIRACY THOERY

FINE, I'll be the first to do a Potter Post...

As some of our listeners may know... Erin and Keith are HUGE Harry Potter fans. Well its crazy too think that I, Producer Joe (aka Funkly@gmail.com) will throw the first stone... The Harry Potter kids are growing up, check the pics... With recent Potter porn pics, like the horsey image and then Emma Watson (Hermine) showing up on the internet drinking beer... what's next for the English brat pak? Read the full story here...


Campain Theme songs

I love politics. I find it fascinating that since Roosevelt said "happy days are here again" which was a popular song at the time, that it became his campaign song. Some politicians choose to create there own but the best (except for Kennedy) choose to get there own from POP culture. Regan choose "Born in the USA" until the Boss said no you can't use my song. Bill Clinton choose "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow". Which brings us to Hillary Clinton. Now she let us choose her campaign theme song. You could vote on line for what song you wanted to win! Well I guess it was a bunch of Canadians that voted because it was Celine Dion that won with a song I've never heard. Yet Hillary rebounds from this countries and other countries poor choice of her campaign song. How you ask? By video! From now till the end of days her unofficial song will be "Don't stop believing" by Journey. Watch this video and see:


Tim McGraw, party girl?

Yup, this is the guy that soooo many woman swoon over..... alot of guys too. I think co-host's Kevin's comment was, "Dooode... I'm so excited.." Wow we been making alot of fun of Kevin this week.... where's Kieth?