Live Show tonight!! 8PM with live call in goodness!

We setup REAL-TIME HONEST TO GOODNESS LIVE INTERNET RADIO!!! Please join us at 8PM PST (some music should start about half hour before that) for this HUGE INTERNET EVENT!!! And one of the most exciting thngs about this is we will be taking LIVE CALLS, through Skype, and at 310 929 7524. Now in theory its very simple click the LISTEN LIVE link while were on, and it should open in your default music player. I suggest iTunes, but i believe any decent music player will work. I have noticed some systems don't have the link setup to auto open the link, so what would happen is you would download the link and then open it manually by double clicking it. This is the link, if your music player has an 'Open Stream' function this the address you want to paste in there.., try it and see if it opens in your music player... Since were not broadcasting at all times it will try to open but just play silence and eventually 'timeout'. But if it does this it does mean its working, and when we are broadcasting, the show will play. We also added an autoplay function to the website and the My Space, so if you were to just go there at 8PM it should just play on the page. I don't want to scare anyone off and want as many as possible to listen, so if this seems hard or complicated.. please email me or IM me at joeisuncalled4@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to help as much as I can!

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