Yes were back and.. live!! REALLY LIVE!!!

AND ANOTHER UPDATE!!! Just visit this site or our My Space and it will play live when were on!! UPDATE... ITS AT 8PM!!! So we took some time off to spend on our yachts, go to our summer homes and do massive amount of other celebrity things... cause we are huge Internet celebrities.. if you didn't know... BUT NOW WERE BACK!! And were on the real FAKE radio.. that's right no more crappy SkypeCasts... an actual streaming server, which we share with the likes of this guy, and this guy, and of course were the star attraction. (Hey it sounds good.. it could happen!) But seriously.. we are stoked to be on the real air, and even have a call in number for ya!! Yes a real call in number!! 310.929.7524 So its simple... Click the Live Shows link, and it should open in your default music player, if it doesn't this is the direct link... Copy that into 'Open Stream', in your music player... iTunes is my favorite... and I highly recommend it.. and you can subscribe to the show with it as well!! So PLEASE call in tonight from where ever you are... give us a rash of shit, so we can give you a rash of shit. SO THATS TONIGHT PEOPLE!!!

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