Campain Theme songs

I love politics. I find it fascinating that since Roosevelt said "happy days are here again" which was a popular song at the time, that it became his campaign song. Some politicians choose to create there own but the best (except for Kennedy) choose to get there own from POP culture. Regan choose "Born in the USA" until the Boss said no you can't use my song. Bill Clinton choose "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow". Which brings us to Hillary Clinton. Now she let us choose her campaign theme song. You could vote on line for what song you wanted to win! Well I guess it was a bunch of Canadians that voted because it was Celine Dion that won with a song I've never heard. Yet Hillary rebounds from this countries and other countries poor choice of her campaign song. How you ask? By video! From now till the end of days her unofficial song will be "Don't stop believing" by Journey. Watch this video and see:

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