UPDATED:Chris Benoit Gives a Fatal "SmackDown"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket World champion wrestler, Chris Benoit was found dead in his Georgia home on June 25th, 2007 along with wife Nancy Daus, and 7 year old son, Daniel. He apparently murdered his wife and son and then proceeded to hang himself, but not before leaving copies of the Bible laying next to his son and wife's bodies. I don't know what the point was for leaving the Bibles, but maybe if he had picked one of them up and read a couple of pages, he would have thought twice about taking the life of a innocent little child! For the full story click on the link: Link to orginal story WOW! So it turns out someone actually posted to Wikipedia an account of what happened to the Benoit's family about 12 HOURS BEFORE the police discovered the bodies. This rings of a HUGE conspiracy... The IP was also traced back to the same town as the WWE Headquaters... just get's weirder and weirder... Read more on the link below... HUGE UPDATE CONSPIRACY THOERY

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